Corporate Yoga & Meditation 

With the benefits of yoga and meditation becoming widely well known, more businesses are beginning to provide onsite yoga and meditation for their employees. I will develop a customized and affordable program or curate a special one time event at your office.

All classes and events will be developed to meet the specific needs of your employees, even if they have never tried yoga or meditation before.


  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Focus, Wellness, and Happiness
  • Reduced Stress and Tension
  • Hightened Sense of Community
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Increased Creativity


Multiple Classes

Improve your corporate culture and employee productivity with weekly or monthy yoga and meditation classes.

Single Event

Yoga and/or meditation are perfect for any conference, team building event, or employee appreciation celebration.

Have questions? Reach out to Deana here.

Companies that I have worked with: