Holy moly Deana is AMAZING! An incredible blend of mindfulness seamlessly infused into a challenging vinyasa practice with a creative flow! Loved it and walked out floating” – J.H.

“Deana is the best! Perfect mix of focused and fun.” – W.B.

“Deana’s class was the perfect amount of kick your ass and feel good meditation that I needed in my day.” – B.L.

“This instructor is the bomb diggity! I’m not a morning person, but I’ve been trying to do early workout classes and this class totally made my day amazing. Challenging but fun, positive vibes and interesting moves.” – A.C.

“Deana brings a creative approach when guiding us through her class. With her direction in finding more space in those areas forgotten are awesome tools that I take with me to my home practice.” – S.K.

“Love Deana’s practices! Each one is unique, empowering, and inspiring” – P.H.

“Deana was able to release tightness in my shoulders that hasn’t been opened up in years.” – G.T.

“Deana creates a judgement free space that allows me to truly explore, learn, and grow my own mind and body.” – D.W.

“Deana’s classes have a fun and comfortable atmosphere.” – A.J.

“Deana brought me back into my body and helped me reclaim it.” – K.T.

“I came into class so in my head and as soon as we started I knew I was in the right place.” – C.E. 

Please feel free to leave a few words from any experience you’ve encountered with me.

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